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XERIC Vapor Phase Dry Release With HF
Using memsstar’s XERIC dry anhydrous HF etching is unique because it eliminates stiction in a single process. The patented process is compatible with the widest wide range of metals—especially Al/alloy and other metals commonly used in MEMS mirrors and electrical contacts.

Sacrificial Oxides:
Thermal oxide, TEOS, SOI bonded oxide, quartz, PECVD oxide, spin-on oxide, low-temperature spin-on glass

Protective Layers:
Aluminum, silicon carbide, Si-rich LPCVD nitride, stoichiometric PECVD nitride

Metal Layers:
Gold, copper, TiW, nickel, aluminum, Ti, TiO2

Large process window to optimize process for any structure
Excellent selectivity with silicon nitride and silicon dioxide (<5% 1σ)
High selectivity to underlayer and mechanical materials
Industry-leading etch rates
High etch rates for undercut and blanket Si
Excellent uniformity (<5% 1σ)
Excellent repeatability (<5% 1σ)
No corrosion
No stiction
In-line controls—etch rate monitor, endpoint, temperature
Unique endpoint capability

Tool name:
Orbis, Vapor HF etch
Dry etching
Orbis Alpha
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