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Theta Lite is a compact and accurate contact angle meter for simple measurements of contact angle, surface free energy and drop volume. It also measures surface and interfacial tension.

It enables investigation of material properties such as: 


For more details, please visit: http://www.biolinscientific.com/attension/products/?card=AP5

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Theta Lite
Surface analysis & TEM
MST lab
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1. Load the hanging syringe with DI water.

2. Place the sample on the measurement plate.

3. Open the OneAttension software and adjust the camera focus (automatic adjustment can be found on the software button) to give a sharp contrast of the background (bright) and the surface profile (dark).

4. Screw the syringe plunger tip and pump adequate amount of water (normally 4 -5 µl) and the drop volume is shown on the software window.

5. Start the live record (if needed) and dab the dropping button to place the water drop on the sample surface.

6. The analysis data can be found and processed in the "analysis" window.






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