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  • Phase analysis of samples with flat or irregular surfaces; of thin films.
  • Quantitative phase analysis on batches of samples.
  • Crystallography and Rietveld analysis on samples with flat or irregular surfaces; or powder samples in glass capillaries.
  • Transmission measurements through (samples between) foils.
  • High resolution rocking curve analysis, reciprocal space mapping and X-ray topography on (epitaxial) layers on single crystal substrates.
  • Reflectometry on thin layers and substrate materials.
  • In-plane diffraction on thin films.
  • Residual stress analysis of flat samples, irregularly shaped materials or thin films.
  • Texture analysis on all kinds of materials with a preferred orientation of the crystallites.
  • Analysis of changes in the crystal structure in changing environmental conditions.
  • High-throughput X-ray diffraction for automated analyses of large numbers of samples.

Restrictions:  use of harmful, flammable or other substances which contaminate set-up with powdering, liquid or vapor  is strongly prohibited.

Powder samples have to be prepared for measurement in the FNM Chemistry Lab

(contact Abdualam Uheida  - salam@kth.se  087909132).

       Any manipulation with powder are not allowed in XRD Lab! 

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Y-XRD lab
PANalytical B.V.
Empyrean multipurpose high resolution X-ray diffra
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