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General purpose: Production of thin films of a wide variety of oxides.UHV PLD Laboratory with integrated High-Pressure RHEED, Continuous Composition spread (CCS),  DC ion gun for ion-assisted PLD and Target-Substrate Load-lock features. The PLD module features a load-lock designed for handling both 4-inch diameter wafers and Omicron sample holder. A vacuum suitcase for transporting the Omicron sample  under UHV conditions is also included.

Some available compositions:

Al2O3,   BaBiO3,  BaTiO3, (BaSr)TiO3, Bi4Ti3O12, Bi4Ge3O12,  CeO2,  CuO

Er2O3  (available also for doping)

CMR manganites:  LCMO, LSMO, LPMO etc. – available even on Si or GaAs substrate

Garnets:  Gd3Ga5O12, Y3Fe5O12, (Ce-Y)3Fe5O12, Bi3Fe5O12, La3Ga5O12,Nb3Ga5O12

               Sm3Ga5O12,  Tb3Ga5O12, Y3Al5O12 etc.

In2O3-SnO2 (ITO),  LaAlO3,  (LaSr)CoO3,   MgO,  Nb2O5, SrTiO3, TiO2, TiN, Ta2O5,

Y2O3, YBa2Cu3O7 (available on Si), VO2, ZnO

Multilayers available.

Development  processes for similar material types is available upon request.


Technical data:

Laser - Lambda Physik/ Coherent  COMPExPro 110 Excimer Laser

             - Wavelength:  248 nm

             - Pulse energy:  400 mJ

             - Maximum average power:  30W

             - Maximum repetition rate:  100 Hz


Wafer sizes: 4” max

Base pressure (RT):  4 E-9 Torr

Temperature (max) at a substrate susceptor: 850 0C

Targets: 6 x 1” targets or 3 x 2” targets

Process gas: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon MFC controlled

Film uniformity : better than ± 5% across the 4” wafer (with beam scanning and 2” target)


High Pressure RHEED system. Capable of operation at pressures up to 400 mtorr. Includes

a STAIB 30 keV double differentially pumped RHEED gun, 30 keV power supply, fluorescent screen, CCD camera with zoom lens and a Computer with pre-loaded software for recording RHEED images and RHEED intensity oscillations.


Ion gun, 4 cm diameter Kaufmann source for ion-assisted deposition.  The maximum kinetic energy of the ion beam is 1000 eV,   maximum beam current for Argon ions is 60 mA. Process pressure range: 1 to 5 x 10^ -4 Torr.


Continous Composition Spread: Allows for continuous,binary, and ternary compositional spreads across 4-inch diameter substrate - target and Substrate indexing, laser triggering with the desired number of pulses for each target.

Restrictions: Toxic, corrosive, explosive, radioactive and other harmful substances. Usage of materials with high vapour pressure has to be discussed  with manufacturer.

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Y-Synth labs
Thin film deposition
Neocera Inc
Neocera Pioneer 180 UHV PLD
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