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T1 & T2: N2O can only be used for one furnace at a time!

Runs with process times longer than 6 hours with O2 or O2/H2, should be discussed in advanced with the Electrum personnel.

Technical description
PCMux user name: Engineer, password: thermco
Full equipment name: Thermco furnace
General purpose: Thermal oxidation of silicon , Diffusion 625 - 1250 °C
Wafer sizes: 4". 6" and 200 mm
The furnace can be used for processing of silicon and SiC material.
Allowed substrates:
- Semiconductor grade silicon or better.
- Semiconductor grade SiC or better.
- Semiconductor grade quartz or better.
Allowed films:
- Semiconductor grade Si (silicon), SiO2 (silicon dioxide), Si3N4 (silicon nitride)
NOT ALLOWED: any metal films, organic material
Technical data:
Gases (maxflow): N2 (10 slm), O2 (10 slm), H2 (20 slm), DCE, N2O (10 slm)
External torch to make H2O.
Tube heating:
3-zone furnace controlled with either spike thermocouples for fast temperature change or profile thermocouples
Thermocouple types: S-type (10 % Rh in Pt/Pt)
Tube maximum allowed temperature: 1250 °C
Minimum allowed temperature for wet oxidation: 625 °C
Tube maximum ramp up speed: 10 C/min
Tube maximum ramp down speed: 3 C/min
Tube/boat material: High purity siliconized SiC
Cantilever paddle material: High purity siliconized SiC


Tool name:
T2-Oxide 1250C
Thermal processes
Tool rate:
Process control
1000 Å wet oxide 950 C, 23.5 min, specification T2 Process control wet oxide instruction


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