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Technical description:
Full equipment name: Horiba UVISEL ER
General purpose:
Ellipsometry is used to determine thickness (1Å to 30 µm) and optical constant (n,k,alpha, optical band gap) of materials, such as thin oxides or nitrides on top of semiconducting substrates (Si, Ge, GaAs, SiC, ...) , thin metal film (thickness smaller than 50 nm), resists, chemical and biological engineering and dynamic studies.
Technical data:
The Horiba UVISEL ER tool covers a spectral range of 190 nm to 2100 nm. The angle can be adjusted automatically from 55 to 90°. By modeling the optical parameters of single layers and of multilayer can be extracted. The composition of alloys such as SixGe(1-x) can be determined. Roughness and porosity studies of thin films can be performed. Models for graded optical constants can be implemented. In addition anisotropic structures, uniaxial and biaxial films can be investigated.

The measurement setup is capable of performing wafer maps of up to 8 inch wafer. The spot size of the measurement can be chosen to be 1x3 mm, 100x300 microns or 50x150 microns. In addition kinetic (time dependent) measurements can be performed.

General description: Other Characterization



Tool name:
UVISEL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Tool rate:

Recommended models:


SiO2_HJY: For thermal oxide. Can also be used for very thin CVD oxide when dispersion parameters cannot be fit.

SiO2_osc: For all kind of SiO2, including thermal oxide.

Al2O3_osc: For all kind of Al2O3.

Si3N4_TaucLorenz: For silicon nitrice.

pSi_TaucLorenz: For amorphous silicon.


The above models should fit very well.


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