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Technical description
Full equipment name: Plasmalab80Plus (Oxford RIE System)
General purpose: Reactive Ion Etching
Technical data:
• Standard processes for etching of thin films of Si3N4
• Installed gases: CF4, O2, CHF3, Ar
• Process chuck, approx. 8” diameter
• Uniformity: +/- 3 % within batch, +/- 4% between batches
• Equiped with turbo pump
• Chamber vacuum: > 10? mTorr
• RF frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Plasma power range 0 – 500 W

Tool name:
Dry etching
Oxford Plasma Technology
Plasmalab80Plus (Oxford RIE System)
Tool rate:

Latest calibration runs:


Silicon nitride

Recipe: NITRIDE CF4 ETCH (CF4 100 sccm, O2 10 sccm, 75 mTorr, 45 W)

Etch rate: 23,4 nm/min for P5000 nitride (2023-04-19)


Silicon oxide

Recipe: OXIDE CHF3 ETCH (CHF3 85 sccm, O2 7 sccm, 50 mTorr, 125 W)

Etch rate: 24,3 nm/min for thermal oxide (2023-04-19)


Note: Both of these recipes will etch both oxide and nitride, but they are only calibrated according to the description above. CHF3 will generally produce more polymers.


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