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Technical description
Full equipment name: Logitech LP 50 Precision Lapping & Polishing Machine
General purpose: Lapping and polishing of various materials
Technical data:
• Polishing of up to 102mm substrates
• Automatic Flatness Control (AFC for lapping only)
• Three wafers can be processed simultaneously (two with AFC – lapping only)
• Main lapping plate material – glass (plain or grooved)
• Main polishing plate material
  - expanded polyurethane polishing plate
  - glass plate with polishing cloth
• Plate size – 35/37 cm diameter
• Main abrasive for lapping – aluminium oxide
• Main polishing fluid – Chemlox, SF1
• Main drive motor: 0-70 rpm
• Load/weight controlled from 100 g to 3.5 kg
Machine overview:
The LP50 is a one to three workstation machine which permits both lapping and polishing (although not at the same time). The lapping process uses an automatic flatness control system. The flatness of the polishing plate is checked before every run with a single dial gauge and a master flat block. A flow of abrasive fluid is supplied to the lapping / polishing plate during the run. The machine is controlled from a membrane control panel at the front including a process data screen.

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50 Precision Lapping & Polishing Machine
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